Summary for Week 5

The students enrolled in BGSU’s Critical Theories in Digital Humanities course provided miniature proposal of their final projects for this week. The final project assignment is to produce and curate a digital humanities project such as a website, blog, or video, etc. The students may choose their platform of choice, but popular options have been Scalar, Storify, Tumblr, and WordPress. Students also made sure to incorporate the readings we have done over the semester on the theory and practice of digital humanities. These readings manifest through critical attention to themes of race, gender, class, and other power dynamic and social forces. Specific brief project descriptions follow:

  • LC has titled their project very descriptively so I will just copy it here: “Developing an Online Pedagogical Space for the Critical Analysis of the Rhetorics of Postracism in Media.”
  • CP “will be using the Scalar platform to address the subculture of Alternative Blacks.”
  • BS “use the Scalar platform for my final project to trace how ISIS creates deadly geographies around the world through its “terror talks.”’
  • FZ “will also be using the Scalar platform for my project of the Hong Kong Umbrella movement.”
  • JD “will be describing the work involved in creating my video resume for the TOMS Global Giver Dream Job and the communication I have received from the TOMS corporation as I have been a part of this ongoing digital project.”
  • VC will make “a storify article which collects, situates, and interprets people’s experiences of playing the game Gone Home that they posted on certain social media platforms. This game is significant in certain communities of gamers because of it woman-centered play and storyline and the centralizing of a queer coming of age story.”
  • EB will “create a supplementary web-based game used for either an intercultural communication, transnational feminist studies, and/or cultural studies course. For the purpose of this project, I am going to primarily focus on transnational feminist studies since it most aligns with my research.”
  • SC “will be constructing a website to teach about and focus on the stepparent-stepchild relationship and the stigma that is present with the title of “stepmother” or “stepfather”. The purpose of this space is to raise awareness about the rising number of blended families in the US.”
  • STL will build “a website devoted to helping individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder.”
  • KM is making a tumblr; “My goal with this project is to showcase something I think Tumblr does really well, which is provide alternatives to mass media images.”
  • BB says “I have expressed my frustration several times this semester about the lack of material about digital humanities and pedagogy. This frustration stems partially from the content we read and partially from Brier’s chapter that explained there is a larger problem with pedagogy in the field of Digital Humanities. To address this issue, I plan to use Wix to create a personal website that will be used for many of the classes I will teach.”
  • DC will “create a “map of shame” that informs scholars/those interested about official rape statistics of all 28 Indian states (last 3 years data) and acts as a resource center where they can find detailed rape statistics for each state, watch relevant short video clips and find clickable links to relevant scholarly articles and news articles relating to rapes in India with emphasis on how messages are communicated, media effects, media agenda and other agendas etc.”

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