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This course begins with the basic premise that Critical Theory and Critical Practice go hand in hand. Cultural Studies, Critical Race Theory and Feminist Studies based concepts can be engaged through hands on digital doing as we explore and struggle with digital ontologies and epistemologies that emerge. As Stuart Hall notes – “The only theory worth having is that which you have to fight off, not that which you speak with profound fluency.” In the same veign, the only digital practice worth having is one that you fight off and examine through failures and ruptures.

To this end, we will explore the theories and practices that form digital humanities scholarship—in particular, as they relate to cultural studies. Thus we will come to digital humanities through such bodies of work such as race in cyberspace, feminist digital humanities and #dhpoco (postcolonial digital humanities). With the knowledge of these frameworks, as well as their underlying theories, students will be able to conceive and implement their own digital projects for their future scholarly work.

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